The Road

You know what it's like, it happens almost from the start. When you put it into gear. But it's probably more like about two kilometers down the road until it finally sinks in. When you've actually been moving for a little while. It's more a combination of something sinking in and something lifting at the same time. You get this overwhelming feeling of joy as a burden lifts from your shoulders. You don't think about where it went, or if it might come back, you don't care. At the same time you realise that no matter what the world throws at you, if you've got a bike you can ride, you've got the abilty to clear your head. It doesn't matter how many times you do it, it's still just as effective. If you were feeling good before you started, your just going to feel better. It's a constant, it's always there, but sometimes things get so hectic you can forget about it temporarily and kick yourself for not doing it sooner, after your'e on the bike. It's the sort of thing that is implanted in some closely guarded recess of your mind. To be called upon when a shadowy day needs lifting. You've tried to explain this at times, until you realise that it's a waste of time. You've got to know it, you can't explain it. Everyone needs something wonderful in their life, that they can't explain.


Bob's Triumph

He was in the shed, it wasn't all that late, about 10pm. It was dead quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. The ceiling light emitted an ochre glow that made the chrome and polished alloy shine a soft brown. He had the lead light on the stand next to the Triumph, so he could see properly. He was fitting a new set of points, she'd been running a bit rough lately. He started thinking about all the miles they'd covered. They'd been through a bit. The Triumph was like a cherished but temperamental lover, it had it's problems but the important goods were there. And it took some commitment to get the best from it. One highly-strung prima donna in the family was enough. He was lucky he had Ellen, and he started to think about her.


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