So who's the Greatest?

Trying to pick the best rider of all time

The Greats

This is a can of worms! How the hell is anybody supposed to be able to pick the best rider of all time? For me there are just too many good ones to pick from, but I'll have a go. Every one has their favorites but to be able to objectively pick the best is another matter. How would we know anyway? We weren't on the track with them. I suppose you could say, "well just look at the results" and if you did, Agostini would be the clear winner with 15 world titles and Angel Nieto would be second with 13, but this gets a bit cloudy.


Jarno Saarinen

Possibly the fastest ever

Jarno with Phil Read and Ago

The motorcycling world lost one of its greatest riders in 1973. Finnish rider Jarno Saarinen and Italian Renzo Pasolini were both killed in a tragic accident at the Monza circuit in Italy. It was at a time when race organizers showed little respect for the well being of the riders who were the ones that brought the crowds to their circuits. The 1973 Italian Grand Prix at Monza was the fourth round of the World Championships, and tensions were running high between the riders and the organizers. The riders had been battling with race organizers to get better safety standards on many of the tracks used in the world championships and Monza, at the time, was one of the worst. The race promoters knew that none of the riders were prepared to forfeit the points that would be lost by boycotting a round due to safety reasons. The only hope for the riders would be a united stand, something that, due to lack of organization on the riders part, was unlikely to happen.


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